Vehicle Damage May Warrant Hiring A Public Adjuster

The majority of claims done by a public insurance adjuster are for homes or businesses. However, vehicle damage may warrant hiring a public adjuster. Your insurance company has their own adjuster, but you can also hire a public insurance adjuster to evaluate the property loss on your behalf. Public adjusters help you file insurance claims also.  Insurance adjusters work on behalf of the insurance companies. We work with attorneys as well to give appraisals.

VEHICLES, BOATS, YACTHS & AIRPLANES ARE UNIQUE.  We only help on specific vehicles and type of losses.  Those may be for attorney estimates, appraisals individuals and business owners that have very complex issues, including loss of income.

With our experience and knowledge of mechanics we meticulously evaluate vehicle damages. Working with an public adjuster is especially beneficial for owners of RV’s, large trailers, 18 wheelers, and industrial vehicles.

We can also do appraisals. Many times all that’s needed is an appraisal of a vehicle.

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