Explosion, Fire, Flood, Hail, Sinkholes are devastating.

Disasters are devastating. Mental and physical fatigue can overwhelm you. The last thing you need is a fight with your insurance company. That’s why hiring a public adjuster can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress. Leave the battle to us while you work on restoration.  There’s no reason you have to deal with under payment or denial.  We provide through investigations of damages.

Most people do not read their policies. We thoroughly read your policy. Your insurance company must comply with the agreements of the contract between you and them. However, some companies hope you didn’t read your policy. Your policy may say you’re fully covered. But some insurance companies aren’t always honest.  That’s where we come in and remind them of the contract. A bad faith complaint is something no insurance company wants on their record. It could cost them their license.  Insurance companies know a public adjuster reads policies and demands full payment. That’s why just having a public adjuster makes all the difference. It’s been proven that hiring a public adjuster increases claim payments by an average of 19% and some cases 100%!

Don’t leave your money in insurance companies’ pockets.

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