Smoke Damage, Vandalism or Theft

Smoke damage, vandalism or theft can be demanding mentally and physically. With vandalism and theft one can feel violated. Having someone else to handle the insurance claim takes a huge load off.

We recommend not to walk into the smoke damaged area without proper protection. Lungs can be damaged breathing residue. Depending on what caused the smoke toxins may linger in the air.

Even if it’s a small fire the smoke can cause even more damage than the fire itself. Water from putting out the fire causes damage. Smoke travels farther than the fire. Hidden electrical and plumbing damage may exist. Structural damage also may be hidden. In some cases the foundation also can be damaged.

Patience, Persistence, Ethics are necessary for the you to have the best results to receive all the money owed to you! Positive results will happen in steps. We are here every step of the way.

A claim correctly settled may take several different steps, supplements. The first payment should arrive from the insurance company within the first 15-25 days. Then each step after that becomes supplemental payments, and we will continue until the claim is settled & paid in full.

At no up-front cost or obligation to you, we perform an initial review of the property with you, and we must review your policy.

Then we explain the state required public adjusters representation contract with you to complete. After that we begin our very detailed inspection of the property to present your loss to the insurance company.

Public adjusters work for you! Using sophisticated software, we create a very detailed sketch considering all unique designs of your property. A line item list is created of each room’s damage with lots and lots of photos to support our report.

Then using your policy for clarification of coverage we transform our notes using the same type of software the insurance companies use. Real local pricing is used for replacement of all damaged material. All documentation is combined into a detailed accurate estimate of all policy covered damages.

Call us from day one of the loss or  after a denial or partial payment. We will need copies of all your insurance companies’ claims documents, estimates, reports, letters of communication, pictures and any invoice or estimates of repairs.

If contents are involved in the loss we will assist you in creating a contents inventory. In a fire it becomes very time consuming. This is why we always recommend documenting all contents before disaster strikes.

We are then ready to submit our detailed report to the insurance company with our demand for payment and option for re-inspection.

We take care of all the hassles of claims settlement steps, you are stressed enough let us take this battle on for you. If needed as the insurance companies do at times we also have qualified experts in reach to review and support our claims damage report.

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