Powerful reports prove how Public Adjusters help. Unlike the insurance adjuster who works for the insurance company, a Public Adjuster advocates solely in the interest of the policyholder. Most policy holders know nothing about insurance claims. Most haven’t even read their policy. So it’s very advantageous to hire a professional to navigate the whole claims process.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation submitted the following information.


“January 2010 Report No. 10-06 From Florida where Public Adjusters have more catastrophe claims action.”

Public Adjuster Representation in Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Claims Extends the Time to Reach a Settlement and Also Increases Payments to Citizens’ Policyholders

“Over half (7,698) of the catastrophe claims we examined were re-opened claims”.

Exhibit 6 Public Adjuster Representation Typically Resulted in Larger Payments to Policyholders Source:

OPPAGA analysis. Data refers to the median (50th percentile or typical) payment. OPPAGA Report No. 10-06 8

For non-catastrophe claims, policyholders who used public adjusters received an estimated $9,379 on their claim, compared to $1,391 for those policyholders that did not use a public adjuster (a increase of 574%).”



Source: Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

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